Celebrating all things American with The Fat Hippo & the Doughnut Guy.

Staff enjoy delicious burgers and doughnuts while others brave our pop up bucking bronco!

In the week of American Independence Day, Quorum took on an USA flavour! With a celebration event around Quorum Sports Courts.

The Fat Hippo Burger Bar created an American themed menu just for us – including ‘The American’ A 4oz Beef Patty topped with Monterey Jack cheese, pickles, Ketchup and American mustard served with either a side of Cajun fries or some good old American Mac & Cheese balls.

The Fat Hippo Burger Bar was joined by the Doughnut Guy selling deep fried mini donuts with various toppings. Staff had the option to take a free turn on our bucking bronco – with varying levels of success! Those who managed more than 10 seconds were in a minority!

The event proved very popular with staff, all enjoying the glorious sunshine and free entertainment.

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