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At Quorum Business Park we want to create a pleasant and sustainable environment where people, animals, plants and businesses thrive. To achieve this aim we make sure sustainability and the environment are given a central role.

Quorum Business Park has been carefully designed to attract and nurture wildlife. There is a wildlife corridor running though the centre of the park and 500 trees line the Avenue.

There is a variety of wildlife on the park including, apple trees, birds, animals, insects and rabbits.

Download our Wildlife Map with a guide to spot onsite wildlife.¬†We’ve even labelled the best spots for enjoying your lunch outdoors as ‘Lunchtime Hot Spots’

Download our Wildlife Map


Wildlife Group

Quorum’s Wildlife Group meets regularly to carry out activities to attract nurture wildlife across the park.

The Wildlife Group have been hard making bird boxes and bird feeders to site across the park as well as, clearing the stream and planting a nectar bed to feed the Quorum honey bees.

If you’d like to join our Quorum Wildlife Group, email hub@quorumbp.co.uk

Quorum Stream Clean takes place Wednesday 29th August, book a place on event brite here. 

Wildlife Group

Honey Bees

Quorum Business Park currently has seven bee hives within its grounds.

The bees are cared for by our resident beekeeper, Terry Hastings. Terry says ‘I am delighted that Quorum have asked me to look after bees here within the business park, I care passionately about promoting the importance of bees, and with 5000 staff onsite this is an opportunity to educate so many people’

If you are interested in looking inside one of the bee hives contact hub@quorumbp.co.uk


Honey Bees


There are three Hedgehog Boxes based onsite at Quorum

These provide shelter and shade in the warmer months and warmth and protection in the cooler months

Laura Barber Events Manager at Quorum said: ‘We’re keen to promote animal welfare here at Quorum – even little things like the Hedgehog boxes all contribute to promoting our wildlife agenda and green space’


The Quorum Wildlife Group have sited bird boxes across the park and regularly fill up bird feed feeders.

There is also a dovecote located in front of Q9 to house collerd doves that often visit the park.

A flock of ducks visit the park each spring and you can usually see them waddling about near the Q9 and Q15 buildings.

Other birds sighted at Quorum include Oyster Catches, Pied Wagtails and Scandinavian Wax Wings. If you spot any unusual species drop an email to hub@quorumbp.co.uk


Toads & Frogs

There are three Frog & Toad Homes based in locations along our letch. 

The Homes are made from fired ceramic so they can be left out all year. Frogs and Toads come out of hibernation early in the year and hibernate from October. When hibernation season  approaches the team at the hub will use natural resources to cover the homes and provide extra warmth and protection for any animal wanting to stay there for the duration.  

They contain a cooling area to help the Frogs & Toads keep cool and damp in the space. 

They are located along the sides of the letch area 

Buy one for your garden at home here. 

Toads & Frogs

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