ABUS Bordo Locks for Sale

Is your Bicycle Secure?

 There has been some bike recently stolen from Balliol Business Park so we would like to encourage all cyclists to ensure their bicycles are securely locked up at Quorum.

Lots of people have been asking us what the best type of lock to purchase to prevent your bike from theft.

We would recommend that you purchase an ABUS Bordo lock which is the most versatile security solution on the market today.

Bordo Lock

The locks are very compact and easy to attach to your bike frame or carry in your bag compared to a cable lock or D lock and it would take a theft sometime to get thru the steel (if at all

They retail at £45 in local bike shops, however we are offering you the change to purchase one from the Hub for only £25! Stock is limited so please email if you would like to purchase one (cash only).

It is recommended that you secure the lock in place between the main frame of the bike and the back tyre as shown in the photo below.

Bike Lock Picture

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