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Smoking Policy

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Quorum  Business Park operates a Smoking Policy that covers the entirety of the Business Park.

This policy is designed to promote access to spaces with fresh air.


We estimate 80% of staff on Quorum Business Park are non-smokers. 

We want to create a working environment that is comfortable and enjoyable for everyone. 

Smoking Shelters 

Staff are only permitted to smoke cigarettes in their designated smoking shelters along with a smoking shelter due for installation at Quorum Retail. 

Smoking of cigarettes will not be permitted anywhere else across the business park. 

Vaping is permitted anywhere across the park. We only ask that you avoid vaping in the front of buildings for the comfort of others. 


In February 2017 a study was carried out by researchers from a number of institutions, including University College London, and the Roswell Park Cancer Institute and Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (both in the US). Funding was provided by Cancer Research UK.

The study concluded that Long-term vaping ‘far safer than smoking’  

In response to this NHS England now considers Switching to Vaping to be a ‘effective method of Tobacco Reduction’ therefore when deciding how to proceed with the topic of vaping, we decided to encourage the switch from cigarettes to vaping and have therefore decided to have more relaxed restrictions on vaping. 

Find more about this here. 

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