Walking & Cycling

Walking is one of the healthiest transport options promoting cardiovascular fitness and a general sense of well being.¬†Walking is also the cheapest form of transport and creates no pollution. If your journey is within a 2 mile radius of Quorum then walking truly is one of the best ways to travel to work.¬†You don’t have to walk all the way to work. You can get off a stop earlier on your bus journey and walk the last bit or park your car within walking distance of Quorum.¬†

Cycling can dramatically improve your general fitness and can reduce levels of stress and anxiety. If your journey to Quorum is less than 5 miles then cycling could be a practical option which is well worth considering! All buildings have cycle parking and changing facilities and the monthly pop up Bike Hub event offers free bike maintenance, route planning, training courses and freebies.

Download cycle routes from local residential areas:

Plan your cycling journey by visiting

Pool Bikes – Quorum Business Park offers a ‘Ride Before You Buy’ scheme.¬†This unique opportunity enables you to borrow one of our pool bikes free of charge.¬†

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